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Collaborative work space

Seeder introduced an interior designer, building information modeler, and an engineering expert. This team of professionals maximized the usage and efficiency of a traditional office and turned it into a popular co-working space for startups.

"Seeder helped connect great resources to our co-working space. It has been an excellent tool to find providers, as Seeder is very well connected to green building experts"
Bob Zhang - Real Estate Developer

People Squared

Class A Office Tower

Seeder introduced pre-screened solution providers such as: sustainable interior designers, lighting experts, LEED Certification professionals, energy auditors, and an energy storage expert to implement opportunities for energy efficiency.

"We are looking for solutions to reduce our water and electricity bills and to be more competitive in the market, which is why we work together with Seeder."
Grace Ming - Leasing Manager

K WAH Centre

Mixed-Use Skyscraper

Seeder compiled case studies, performance data and a shortlist of cutting edge sustainability and efficiency solutions for a developer of one of the tallest buildings in Beijing.

"So many developers in China are trying to develop green building projects and they have no idea who to go to. Seeder empowers clients to make the best decisions for their project."
Bao San - Real Estate Developer

Citic Real Estate

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